Hurray for being openly open.

Sun buys MySQL?

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Am I reading this correctly or has Sun just purchased the crown jewel of the Linux Database treasure trove?!What are the ramifications and how will this affect LAMP development as we know it? Shocking! Perhaps the best part is, the … Continued

Kubuntu Komparison

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My cd’s from Ubuntu have arrived at last! I am in the midst of trying out Kubuntu just for yucks. Immediately, I see that by default, KDE doesn’t have any games! This is probably a good thing. One has to … Continued

Big Bear rocks, Linux on ipods

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We snuck away over the weekend to the Thudercloud hotel up in Big Bear for a night and had a great time. The hotel was a little bit of a trainwreck, very old and in need of some serious maintenance. … Continued

Running sister, IBM dis, blog bday

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My sister is getting ready to come out to San Diego to run a marathon. Wow! She’s going to be participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Annual Marathon to raise awareness and funds for research – how proud can … Continued

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